Rutgers Institute for Improving Student Achievement (RIISA) is a value-added resource for organizational consultation and in-district professional development for teachers, administrators, and boards of education. Through RIISA, Rutgers University-affiliated experts assist in effectively addressing district or school challenges in the following areas:

            • Leadership and Organizational Development

            • Curriculum and Instructional Development

            • Educational Technology

            • Students’ Social and Emotional Development

Areas of potential support and assistance include:

            • Executive Training & Individual Coaching for District and                       School Administrators

            • Principal Instructional & Organizational Leadership                                   Development

            • Teacher Instructional & Organizational Leadership                           Development

            • District Professional Development Planning &                           Implementation for Administrators

            • Literacy & Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction

            • District and School-Based Team Building

            • Decision-Making & Problem-Solving

            • Information Management & Analysis for                                                   Instructional/Administrative Decision-Making

            • Central Office Organization & Service Delivery

            • Public Leadership Engagement & External Communications

            • School Board Leadership Development

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